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Bright Beginnings

In following the Georgia Department of Education’s Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) process, the Glynn County School System believes in providing all students the opportunities for achieving success with academics and behavior. Horizons Academy - Bright Beginnings is a Tier 3 intervention used to implement customized researched-based, therapeutic intervention plans with frequent progress monitoring and wrap-around services.

Bright Beginnings will prioritize social and emotional learning and will teach problem solving, relationship skills, self-awareness and social awareness in addition to all academic content for students. Social and emotional skills will be embedded throughout the school day. Students attending Bright Beginnings will have a personalized learning plan designed to meet individual needs. 

Bright Beginnings (K-8)

  • Implementing behavioral intervention approaches by teaching problem solving skills and personal accountability along with academics to equip students for success in the traditional school setting.
  • Support for students in kindergarten through eighth grades who experience behavioral difficulty in the traditional school setting.
  • Alternative to traditional school which includes academic, emotional and behavioral support for students. 
  • Bright Beginnings can be used as an alternative to expulsion and suspension.
  • Bright Beginnings serves students who have not experienced success with Tier 3 behavioral interventions in the traditional school setting.
  • The homeschool will visit and maintain a positive relationship with the student and parent/guardian during the student's time at Bright Beginnings.
  • Intervention data for each student will be reviewed every 6-9 weeks to determine if the student will return to his/her homeschool setting.